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3D Scanning mating surfaces for customised enclosure

3D Scanning mating surfaces for customised enclosure Printing Portal has been very excited to help deliver a unique solution to Twizy Tours, an exciting new venture giving Londoners a chance to view the city with an informative twist. Simon from Twizy Tours approached Printing Portal with the ambition of fitting a tablet into a suitable dock in a Renault Twizy. If anyone knows what a Twizy is then they know we didn’t have an awful lot of space to work with! The tablet would be loaded with the company’s software to guide locals, tourists and city lovers alike through theRead more

3D Scanning For Rendering High Quality Images

3D Scanning For Rendering High Quality Images Feeling fresh and healthy as we enter Autumn? Good! Last month Printing Portal were asked to create some new High Quality Renders for Active Bottle; a reusable, high colour bottle! In order to achieve the correct dimensions we had the part 3D scanned using our extremely accurate, and quick to use ScanArm. Once we had a perfect STL Mesh we moved onto the reverse engineering stage to remake the bottle in clean surfaces. This stage is important for a few reasons: Any blemishes in the mesh could impact rendering quality, leaving an imperfectRead more

Design & Manufacture of Customised Electronic Enclosure

Design & Manufacture of Customised Electronic Enclosure Printing Portal has helped 100’s of customers achieve their needs and demands across a multitude of industries in the past year, one particular client required something special in less than a week in order to complete their product – so they came to Printing Portal for help. BoiledWeb, an exciting web consultancy firm based in London, design and develop Internet of Things (IoT) products for their clients. Recently they were asked to create a tool which clocked people moving in and out of a building. Their speciality in software development quickly enabled them toRead more

3D scan of Serpentine Trophy

3D scan of Serpentine Trophy Like us on Facebook How do you remember winning a trophy which you can only hold for less than a year... 3d scan it of course! That's exactly what Ivan Jones did, having won the Mike Small trophy at the Serpentine Swimming Club. Serpentine Swimming Club - Mike Small Cup by xarabanda on Sketchfab Follow us on Instagram Ivan approached Printing Portal with the ambition to fully scan the 170mm tall trophy to possibly 3d print a miniature in the future. The scan needed to be a show the unique geometry of the trophy (moreRead more

Custom fitted bracelet – the making of

Custom fitted Bracelet - the making of Since PP’s inception over a year ago we have strived to make the most out of 3d. Creating 3d models from scratch, adjusting CAD files from clients, painting & assembling fantastic and one of a kind items. But this wasn’t enough… we were missing something, something that let us make the ultimate personalisation… until now. The FARO design ScanArm has really helped propel us to dizzy new heights in personalised creation – giving us a kick up the behind to learn some of the more complicated functions in our CAD software…Rhino/Grasshopper for thoseRead more

Making 3d printing work for you – must read!

Making 3d printing work for you – must read! Most of us have heard about 3d printing technology, but that doesn’t mean we know where to use it and how. If you’re one of those people that have an interest in 3d printing but haven’t found out how to apply it… read on. Understanding the technology Without blowing your mind, I’m going to give you 3 common forms of 3d printing and briefly explain some pros and cons: FDM SLA SLS If you know the different types of printers, skip to the end to ask yourself the big questions beforeRead more